About Me

Solo indie dev brewing up inventive games for virtual reality

  • Been doing computer science and making games for fun since 2015 
  • RhythmSlinger, first prototyped in 2016 and to be released in early 2021 is inspired by arcade rhythm games like Osu! and "physical" VR experiences with an emphasis on procedural generation
  • ALTRAVERSE, designed and protoyped in 2020, is targeted to the unfulfilled niche of immersive open-world RPGs for VR and has a uniquely abstract art style, story, and aesthetic. I am excited to release more and more footage as it is prepared this year.

  • A healthy portion of development takes place in my homey Roadtrek camper van - and yes, it fits my VR setup! Some blog posts will be about van living as it relates to gamedev.

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