◘ ALTRAVERSE is a minimalistic open-world VRPG sandbox experience at the border of fantasy and science fiction


◘ Enter the trippy and abstract world of the ALTRAVERSE a "game" that somehow seems to effect real life


◘ Fight enemies, explore mind-bending worlds and shape them to your will through over 40 spells built for VR input and interaction

◘ Meet the game's colorful NPC playerbase - a modgepodge of agents, explorers, bounty hunters, neckbeards and psychos


◘ Find the truth at the S̸̯̈́O̵̰̥̖̔̊͠͠Ų̶̼̠̿̈͘Ṙ̷̡̼̪C̸͉͕̳͙̀͆Ȩ̴̞͚̟͋ͅ  of it all 


◘ Full release late 2021 - early 2022: look forward to more footage and information in blog posts!

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